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Did you know that neck pain is the second more common type of pain that Americans experience? After back pain, neck pain has affected many people throughout their lives. If you’re struggling with it, we can help. According to an article on, “The anatomy of the cervical spine is a marvelous construct that houses and protects the delicate spinal cord, provides support for the head, and allows for a high degree of mobility and range of motion. But the same engineering that allows this area of the spine to be so flexible also leaves it vulnerable to injury.”
Are you experiencing pain, discomfort, or decreased mobility? Whatever the cause is an auto accident, sports injury, or other, you should seek chiropractic care. This care is 100% natural and has many benefits. We are providing chiropractic services in Hermiston , Benton City and Burbank. You can visit us at these places.

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Neck pain can also lead to other types of pain, including shoulder pain, jaw, and back pain. Sometimes neck pain is from a specific action or cause. This might be sleeping on a pillow that is not the right shape, carrying something heavy, or just from sitting at a computer for too long. You may also be experiencing pain after a car accident or sports injury.
Whatever the source of the pain, at 3 Rivers Chiropractic, we’re here to treat you. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan to get you out of pain and back to enjoying your life. This treatment plan may include massage, therapeutic exercises, and chiropractic treatment.
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