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The city of Pasco provides an active place where families can grow. With an active lifestyle, our bodies can get an injury. Sometimes our life choices don’t allow the right amount of rest for our bodies to heal. If injured, your pain can be taken care of at our Chiropractic Injury Clinic just across the blue bridge.

Chiropractic care has many benefits. At Kennewick Chiropractic Injury Clinic near Pasco, we have helped many live a painless life again.  Our Chiropractors serving the Pasco WA community give personalized care specific to your recovery. Treatment plans are made for individual situation, so call our local injury center today and enjoy a pain-free life again.  Call (509) 596-1288 to treat:

Neck Pain   |  Back Pain  |  Migraines  |  Whiplash  |  Accident Injuries  | Work Injuries  |  Pinched Nerve  |  Disc Bulge  |  Herniated Disc  |  Headaches

Our office has helped many people resolve pain and experience an higher quality of life through the healing effects of chiropractic care. Whether you have pain from everyday life, a car accident, work-related injuries, or a specific condition such as long term back pain, a Chiropractor Pasco WA treatment plan can be created for your unique needs. Most importantly, we are dedicated to helping you get back a comfortable and active lifestyle. Call your local Chiropractic Care Center today to receive the highest rated chiropractic care available around Pasco.

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Pasco WA Chiropractic Services to Treat Your Pain Due to an Accident

Many people experience back pain, neck pain, and headaches. This may be due to lifestyle or a car accident. A little pain over time may grow to make muscle movement hard.  For this reason, it is important to treat your pain right away. If you happen to live in Pasco or nearby; awesome chiropractic care is just a couple miles away South down 395. Our car accident chiropractors Pasco, serve to help with any sort of muscle or joint ache. Our Pasco office has a high rate of success in helping a great number of patients heal and have a happier way of life.  Getting chiropractic care is only a call away. You can contact us and book your appointment.


One does not have to settle with the pain their body is having because recovery is possible with great chiropractic care. It is important for us to change lives in a positive way. Our clinic of Pasco chiropractor in Washington is passionate about building relationships in the community with treatments designed for you and your exact situation. So, call our nearby Kennewick Chiropractic Injury Clinic for Pasco, Washington to see how we can help you get back on the path to health and recovery.

Live Healthy with a Little Extra Care – Our Chiropractic Injury Clinic has the Solution

The quality of life you want to experience is possible. Pain relief services are readily available. Our Pasco chiropractor practice has had many success stories, especially in car related injuries and work accidents. Regardless of the problem that caused the need for chiropractic aid; injuries caused by car accidents, work environment, or lifestyle, chiropractic treatment plans can be personalized for each person’s situation.

Many testimonials have proven that we give lasting results. You’ll be able to experience relief with a personalized treatment plan; which can get you back on track. Call our Pasco chiropractor to enjoy your therapeutic journey to a life without pain.

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Honest Practice

At our Professional Chiropractic Treatment Clinic in Pasco we build lasting relationships with our patients. Chiropractic care is a profession where techniques can improve over time; for this reason, it’s a great idea to try a chiropractor even if you haven’t had success previously. Our main goal is honesty and care. Therefore, building a level of trust with each patient has given us some great success stories.

At the same time, our experts here will be honest enough to recommend only what is needed and if any further medical assistance might help. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust by calling and reserving your first appointment.


All-Encompassing Services

Our Specialized Chiropractic Clinic in Pasco offers a wide range of services that can help your body naturally and quickly heal injuries including disk injuries, regular headaches, and car injuries. Our experts treat muscular as well as skeletal issues using methods to move one toward a better lifestyle.

However, there is no direct answer for long-term treatment and there is no answer that fits all. When it comes to chiropractic care we understand the need to be patient in finding what is right for you. From car injury to traditional chiropractic care, our health and injury clinic has the knowledge and certifications to offer the best treatment plan for your individual situation.

Expert In Treating Car Accident Injuries

Accident and injuries are no fun at all. Often, minor injuries show no symptoms, but in the long run they can cause problems. Practices who specialize in work and car injuries can see things that other do not.  Our office has seen many victims of car accidents and work injuries get well. We feel confident in handling your situation too. 

Regardless of the intensity of the pain, you are experiencing, it is wise to book an appointment with a car accident chiropractor Pasco. Pain is the symptom of an underlying problem.  Many times, that problem has been there for a long time and was not properly treated of taken care of.  Let us help.  Just Search “chiropractor near me”.

Specialized In Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash injuries happen often with car accidents. As the swelling in the neck and body reduces, the pain can often get stronger. This is why receiving chiropractic treatment early in the process if recommended. According to studies, people who treat whiplash injuries quickly have less pain long term than those that do not get any treatment. Understanding how the entire spine, neck and back correlate with connective tissues is imperative. 

Our Specialized Chiropractic Injury Clinic carefully treats our patients according to the latest science regarding whiplash injury. Do not wait pain out.  Schedule a consultation for specialized treatment.

Local Pasco Business – Chiropractic Injury Clinic

Real community relationships and honesty have brought our company success in Pasco. We have Pasco pride and enjoy taking care of our community members. Our services have given many people pain relief form the root issues they were suffering from. When you call our office, you will feel how much our award-winning staff cares about you and your individual situation.

We want the best for you. Therefore, call a practice that cares about you. Do not wait any longer and call Kennewick Chiropractic Injury Clinic today or follow us on Facebook for updated information.

Services We Offer at Kennewick Chiropractic Injury Clinic in Pasco WA

Car Accident Recovery

After a car accident, there can be traumatic stresses. For example, working with insurance companies to cover damage all the while focusing on your recovery. Often, the pain from your accident will get worse overtime if not treated. We often recommend immediate treatment for quick recovery getting you back to a safe and happy lifestyle. Through car accident chiropractors Pasco, WA, we treat a number of car accident victims and we can help you with the recovery process as well as the claims process by working with a qualified attorney and producing the paperwork needed to move your case along.  Accidents can be traumatizing, and we do all that we can to help lessen your pain and stress.

Chiropractic care for auto injuries

Massage Therapy Pasco

Massage therapy can be very helpful to the body, for example, it can speed up the healing process by relaxing the mind and damaged tissues near the trauma zone.  It also improves blood flow and circulation. Our team at our Pasco Massage Clinic offers many types of healing massage techniques. We listen to your situation and needs and base our treatment around you.  Studies show positive results using massage therapy. Contact your local Pasco Injury Massage Center.


What seems very trendy, but has a long history of benefits is cupping. It is a common way of life for many around the world who experience healthy living.  Places such as Egypt, China, and the Middle Eastern cultures regularly use cupping techniques.  It is a treatment where small cups suction fascia, skin, and tissues, which may help in healing swelling and blood flow.   It is one process that only an expert can perform.  For this reason, our trained Pasco professionals’ doctors can help you as needed.  Give our local office a call and see if a cupping procedure is the right course for you.

cupping therapy

Headaches and Migraine Treatment

If you happen to suffer from headaches it is not unusual. Some headaches are caused by stress, but if your headache keeps coming back it might be from misalignment. This can be a major factor in many types of headaches and one potentially permanent way of fixing them can be simple spinal manipulations or adjustments.

You can experience this type of change in the ability to fee up movement by a simple Pasco clinic visit.  By taking away that pressure due to an accident or stress your body can really begin the healing process. We know exactly where the pain may be triggered and how to take it away with straightforward adjustments and massage techniques.

Whiplash Treatment

One of the most common injuries after a car accident is a whiplash injury to the neck or upper spine. Symptoms are usually ignored, but without treatment it can become your main cause of pain and permanent problems can occur. Usually, the best option to consider is chiropractic care. We offer great treatments options to resolve whiplash injuries at our local car and accident injury clinic.

back pain therapy

Pain Relieving Services

Backaches may come along with poor posture or even your line of work. According to stats, more than 80% of Americans at some point in their lives, have experienced lower back pain. If it is not treated in time it can lead to serious damage or sustained pain. Chiropractic care is a safe treatment for most types of pain, for instance, a misalignment in the back or spine can put stress on muscles creating pull and soreness.

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Injury Settlements Help in Pasco and Chiropractic Care

No matter the situation, allow a chiropractor to help take away some of your stress. At Kennewick Chiropractic Injury Clinic in Pasco, we address the entire problem. Call us now so we can help you get back on the path of health and recovery.