Back to school time is here! That brings about school supplies, new backpacks, school sports, and more! Here are 3 tips for making this the best school year yet! Backpacks are obviously necessary, but they can really affect your child’s posture and can cause back pain if it’s too heavy or not comfortable

1) Find a good back pack!

Try to find a backpack that has light, comfortable, and has two padded straps (wider is better!). Make sure the straps are adjustable, so you can adjust the height so that it can be adjusted correctly. The best idea is to pack the heaviest objects close to the body and then put the other items on top or away from the body.

2) Safety For Childern

If you’re kids are starting sports this fall, be careful! Remember to warm-up to prevent injury. Simple stretches should be a routine part of kids’ physical activity. The purpose is to warm up your body that will enable your body to respond and react safely. If you or your child does get an injury, feel free to call. We can x-ray you here in the office and help develop a treatment plan.


Kids spend so much time hunched over desks at school and hunched over a game controller or tablet. After ruling out scoliosis with your chiropractor, have kids work on their posture! One way to work on it is to sign up your child for a dance or movement class! While watching TV or playing games on the floor, have your child rest his back and head against the couch or wall in order to keep his neck straight. In addition, for every half hour of sitting, have your child stand up. Stretch to reach your toes or up in the air.

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