Colic issues? Sleep issues? Tummy issues? Don’t know what is bothering your little one? Wondering whether chiropractic care can help your baby? Fret not! Parents often hesitate when it comes to chiropractic for infants, but the good news is, chiropractic care is totally safe for your newborn.

Whatever the issue your baby may have, parents report that their babies get instant relief after just one chiropractic session. Before we move onto why you should go for chiropractic care for your baby, you need to understand what a pediatric chiropractor is and what he or she does.

What Does A Pediatric Chiropractor Do?

A chiropractor help restore normal body function. He or she uses gentle manipulations and adjustments on body parts to restore the function of nervous system by realigning joints and bones which enables the body to heal naturally by reducing pain, improving flexibility and maintaining coordination.

Newborn babies often feel irritable or fussy due to factors; for example, incorrect or impaired sucking and latching, breast milk allergens, slow or immature digestive system, acid reflux, spinal tension, ear infections, insomnia etc.

A chiropractor helps resolve and improve these issues; however, you are required to consult your pediatrician or other healthcare provider to ensure that your baby gets qualified cure to the disease that helps eliminate the underlying cause of pain. A chiropractor cannot offer a specific cure to a specific disease.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe For Babies?

It is perfectly normal to be apprehensive of your baby’s safety. It is also natural to fear what chiropractic care can do to your baby. But fret not! Chiropractic care for infants do not involve any pressure or bone cracks. Pediatric chiropractors use gentle adjustment approach on newborn babies that is often not even felt by the baby.

Note that prescription drugs and antibiotics may do more harm to your baby than chiropractic care. Chiropractic care for newborn babies is not only safe but more effective as the pressure applied on an infant is equal to pressure people apply to check ripe tomatoes. Gentle, isn’t it?

They simply take pressure or stress off the nerve or spine so the body is better able to express itself whenever a spinal misalignment or nerve stress occurs.

Will The Infant Cry During A Chiropractic Adjustment?

‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Newborn babies behave differently. And this depends on the age of the baby and his or her behavior. They may cry during one session, and may not cry during another.

However, not that babies who cry do not cry due to pain or suffering they may be feeling from an adjustment. They cry due to fear of something new happening to them. They may also cry after learning the fact that the chiropractor’s face is strange and he or she is touching him or her.

How Do Infants Benefit From Chiropractic?

1. Enhance Birth Recovery

The process of birth is no easy task; it is not only traumatic for the mom-to-be but may also affect the nerves or spine of newborn baby.

A pediatric chiropractor applies gentle manipulations on baby’s body parts to ease stress or tension and align the spine to correct any nerve complications. He or she ensures that the baby does not have any reflux, sleeping problems, colic issues or breathing difficulties.

2. Boost Immune System

Our immune system does not only depend on proper rest and diet but a healthy spine. Any misalignment in the spine irritates the never pathways that affect all body systems.

A pediatric chiropractor uses gentle spinal adjustments to help the body release immune cells at a better rate and enable them to be transported to body parts that require them the most. It helps boost an infant’s immunity against various toxic pathogens.

3. Reduce Irritability

Newborn babies are often so fussy that both parents and doctors are unable to pinpoint the cause of their irritability. This is when chiropractic care comes in.

A pediatric chiropractor uses adjustments that help reduce baby’s mechanical stress that causes muscle spasms, sleeping problems, headaches, nervous problems, crying etc. These problems are not easy to identify. Once baby’s spine is corrected, parents see a huge difference in baby’s behavior.

4. Remove Colic Problems

Newborn babies often face immature digestive tract problems that cause colic symptoms. These symptoms lead to the build up of gas in stomach and cause indigestion. It causes bloating and pain.

A pediatric chiropractor uses gentle adjustments and manipulations to stimulate the flow of nerve to the digestive tract, that is, the small intestine. It helps boost peristalsis or the wave-like movement of the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract that helps push solids, liquids and gases through.

5. Treat Infection in Ears

The eustachian tube may become blocked from cold, sinus infection or any other allergy. This stops the fluids to be drained from middle ear.

A pediatric chiropractor applies gentle pressure on the upper vertebrae that cause the eustachian tube to dilate. This drains fluid from the middle ear. However, note that your baby may require any other medical treatment such as antibiotics for ear infection.

Take Your Infant to A Chiropractor

Chiropractic care does not only help your newborn baby develop healthier but boost both their immune system and nervous system. A healthy body system means a healthy baby. If you still do not know where to take your newborn to, Accident Chirowa is one of the best chiropractic care centers in Kennewick that offers qualified and safe adjustment for your infant.